About KAEA

The Korean American Energy Association (KAEA) is an association of public and private energy-related organizations, corporations, and government agencies. KAEA represents the broad interests of the Korea and U.S. energy sector by increasing the understanding of energy issues, both domestically and internationally.

Our Mission

KAEA’s mission is to promote the business relationship for sustainable supply and use of energy usae between U.S. and Korea.

Major KAEA Initiatives

Energy Partnerships

KAEA organizes cooperative partnerships between U.S. companies Korean organizations in developing and transitional energy economies. These partnerships provide a vehicle to convey U.S. experiences and best business and regulatory practices to these Korean organizations.

These partnerships will be vehicles that convey the U.S.’s best business and regulatory practices and experiences to Koran organizations.

Focus areas include hydrogen economies, EV economies, renewable energies, natural gas exploration, production, transportation, and electronic power production, transmission, distribution, and utilization. 

Annual Energy Symposium

As a part of our commitment to enhancing dialogue across all sectors in the energy industry, KAEA hosts annual energy symposiums that address important issues impacting various sectors of the U.S. & Korea energy industry.

Energy Briefings

Throughout the year, KAEA organizes informational briefings that are designed to inform our members and constituents on developments in energy technologies, policies and market trends.  Our briefings are usually hosted in conjunction with KAEA members working across the gamut of energy sectors in the U.S. and Korea. Our briefings also serve as excellent networking opportunities for energy industry professionals to meet and collaborate on projects of mutual interest.

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Our members directly influence the topics that we address during our informational events in the U.S. and Korea.

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